29 May 2017, 4:47pm
by benwoolsey
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Seven Stories, Bears, Constellations and Stress

I found the Seven Stories brief alarmingly challenging, considering I had expected it to be one of the more ‘fun’ assignments. However, being so far outside of my comfort zone proved to be a bit of a problem when developing the initial idea for my response. This is maybe due to my tendency to overthink everything but I won’t get into that…

When starting this assignment I had that all too familiar feeling of being similarly happy and overwhelmed by the freedom given. Initially I took to ‘Yossarian’ (the lateral search engine introduced in one of our final lectures) to get some thoughts going. I kept it simple, using works from the program themes for May 2017; namely bears and aliens. In all honesty this didn’t get any sparks flying and turned out to not be very useful. I can’t actually remember where my final idea of using the ‘Ursa Minor’ – ‘Little Bear’ – constellation came from (I think it was somewhat of a ‘lightbulb moment’).
When researching for this idea, I constantly battled self-doubt and kept on abandoning for short periods of time to try and think of something else before returning. My favourite of these other ideas was a giant teddy bear sampler. However, not wanting to have wasted so much time researching my other idea I eventually convinced myself that it was/is a good idea. I realise this sounds like I ‘settled’ for something I wasn’t satisfied with, but I do have faith in the idea and it provided much more depth of discussion than any other ideas would have.

Despite not being overly-enthused with this assignment, I do feel like it was a good exercise to do. I certainly feel that in future situations such as this I would be more prepared to respond in a professional manner, and of course outside University I would only respond to something I am personally passionate about (meaning ‘ideas’ would be less of an issue). In a more general sense, engaging with topics related to Seven Stories has given me more of an appreciation for children’s literature and entertainment. Having attended two ‘story times’ now (once on our day visit and once at the late shows), I am very impressed not only by the artists’ engagement with children, but with all age groups.