29 May 2017, 5:30pm
by benwoolsey
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HSS8121: Research Proposal – ‘Taste’ and Social Media

I was initially under the impression that the Research Proposal could be used to plan for the Creative Practice Project module, which I was very happy about. Obviously I see that these are different modules and should be kept separate, but I had my hopes up after reading the uni guidelines on Proposals:

‘If you are studying for a Master’s degree, you will almost certainly be required to write a dissertation proposal, which may be formally assessed as part of a research methods module.’

On top of this it just seemed logical to use this for the CPP, as most people will have decided on topics that they are very invested in which in turn could have produced some more passionate proposals/presentations. However, I do appreciate this as a ‘practice run’ for planning the research involved in CPP, and despite my initial annoyance, I came to quite enjoy writing this proposal.

As someone who spends a (worryingly) large amount of time discussing music taste online, I’m surprised I haven’t written on the topic before. Discovering the academic roots of something I’ve often pondered was fascinating and eye-opening. The main problem within this area was finding my own niche that would be suitable for research. As I didn’t have a specific idea in mind when starting, I decided put my faith in unearthing something during my research; which I did. The talk of ‘social network theory’ really gripped me, and an obvious link is the more commonly used context of ‘social network’, pertaining to social media websites. As I mentioned previously, I engage in discussion on music tastes very frequently online, and often this is with complete strangers. In a way I am already engaging in the research I proposed (subconsciously), and have been for a long time.

I can’t say whether I will be pursuing this topic with any intent in the near future (the Creative Practice Project kinda gets in the way of that). However, I think assessing the topic will make me more conscious about how I’m engaging with people online and how social ties and online communities effect my music taste (and maybe how I effect the taste of others).