9 May 2017, 11:04pm
by benwoolsey
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Pure Data Guitar Synth

I’ve been making lots of small patches in Pure Data over the last couple of months to help myself learn technical skills that I could later funnel into a larger performable patch.
I had a bit of a breakthrough today, after returning to a patch that I had attempted to make into some sort of vocoder. It had come close but more just Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 12.02.53 AMmade a kind of formant-y gargle in reaction to sounds (which to be fair is amusing). Anyway, I’ve made a few adjustments to this (with the help of the ‘fiddle~’ object) and decided to plug my guitar in to see how it would react. After more tweaking I have myself a glitchy, gritty Guitar Synth patch.
A short example can be heard here:

Turning a guitar into a synth using #puredata #realsesh #synthesis

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I’m going to expand on this with another set of oscillators responding to a different input (probably a microphone).
I like the idea of appearing on stage with a guitar and microphone like a singer-songwriter and then making a series of horrible noises through PD.

I’ll be using OSC to make visuals in Processing as well…