20 Jan 2017, 2:28am
by benwoolsey
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Final Post-Truth Post

Thought I’d post a little summary of my work on here now that it’s all done.

First of all, my manifesto. As explained in a previous post, my manifesto has takemanifesto final i thinkn a somewhat motivational approach (however this could be interpreted as ironic). I wanted to play on the simultaneous importance and meaningless of opinion. So the large text in the forefront conveys the importance, whilst the background is all opinionated YouTube comments (a mixture of positive and negative) which have almost no meaning 99% of the time (perhaps unless it is supporting an up and comer who actually sees/reads the comments).

Second of all, my project which was also explained in another post. For this I took inspiration from ‘The X-Files’ as the show focuses so much on concealing/discovering the truth. I have written an application that displays the iconic ‘THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE’ section from the opening credits of The X-Files in a loop in the background, with two more image loops on top. For these other loops I’m playing on the phrase ‘illegal alien’, as I find immigration has been somewhat of a hot-topic in Post-Truth politics, and aliens are obviously a focus in The X-Files. One of these loops flicks between various headlines (from the Daily Mail and The Sun) that are either about immigration/refugees or UFO sightings/alien conspiracies. The other loops uses images from such headlines. These two loops select images randomly so they go between mismatched (aliens alongside immigrants) and matched sets. For me, this is a commentary on how immigrants and refugees have been often portrayed as ‘alien invaders’ of sorts in the media and by people such as Donald Trump and Nigel Farage. There is also some heavy glitching going on over all this, which I feel adds to the theme of ‘distorting the truth’.
For the soundtrack, I have a sci-fi style ‘space rumble’ atmosphere as the basis. I then layered a variety of different quotes from both The X-Files and real political speeches (from people such as Tony Blair, Donald Trump and Nigel Farage). The X-Files quotes all circle around lies, secrets and the pursuit of the truth. I like this play on how uncovering government lies is exciting in The X-Files, and yet could be argued as common practice in our ‘Post-Truth Society’.

Lastly, my presentation… I’d rather not give much away for this, but I will say that I’ve chosen a surreal, satirical style that gets pretty weird.