14 Jan 2017, 9:43pm
by benwoolsey
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CDP Post-Truth Progress

My head has been sort of trapped in a whirlwind of post-truth possibilities lately and as things are materialising, I feel I should make a blog post.
For my Manifesto, I wanted to focus on the opinionated element of Post-Truth politics and transfer this to art. As art criticism is very subjective and personal, this is quite a direct link. As much as it can be meaningless, an opinion can be sort of empowering (it defines who you are). So I’ve gone for a (potentially ironic) motivational message, on a backdrop of opinionated YouTube comments… This will most likely develop some more before the deadline.

A radio show I listened to mentioned how when people are ideologically or emotionally invested in a claim, they react hostilely to contrary information and sometimes reinforce the claim more in their minds. I find this concept interesting and think it would be fun to play with.

For my project I’m leaning in a musical/sound-based direction, but probably with a visual element too. I’ve been watching lots of X-Files recently and I find the show quite relevant to Post-Truth, as much of the conflict revolves around the concealment of the truth and government lies (‘The Truth is Out There’ being the iconic line in the opening credits and throughout the series).