Zip file with audio from all the sets:

Teched the sound for Astro tonight.

A totally awesome set tonight from Astro which completely abstracted my conscious mind from reality to a place beyond space and time via intense sonic textures!!!!…Has and Mikes set totally pulsated – throbbing synths and spidery guitar webs… Adams was beautiful with deep luscious subs blended with crackling chiaroscuro hi end.

SUBTERRANEANewcastle (Robert Malone):


“ASTRO is the solo project of legendary Japanese noise artist Hiroshi Hasegawa, also highly revered as a member of the seminal noise band C.C.C.C (along with Fumio Kosakai of Incapacitants, amongst others). Hasegawa is rightly regarded as a major player in the noise world, appearing on over 50 releases in various guises, famously touring the US with Hair Stylistics and Jazkamer, collaborating with Damion Romero, Masonna, Richard Ramirez and many others. He also appeared at 2006’s No Fun Fest in New York as half of Astromero, his duo with Romero.

“Expect intense, punishing psychedelic synth noise – the sound of ASTRO may cause delirium and use of machinery following dosage is not recommended.” (TUSK)


…is the long-standing Newcastle monolith who we all know and love. “A medicinal noise prescribed to fill internal voids”.


…“has been developing musical iPhone apps for live performance and improvisation. He uses iPhones in the duo ‘Atau and Adam’, with Atau Tanaka.

“His music ranges from glitchy, textural improvisations to bass heavy dancefloor assaults and avant garde disco pop. (Culture Lab)


Video Clip on Vimeo (but with poor sound):