iPhone App Development Update

Looked at source code for using the Magetometer found in the iOS Developer Library (The code comes with an example of a Teslameter- a magnetic field detector.):
“The use of the Core Location API for getting “heading” data is contained in the TeslameterViewController class. It creates a CLLocationManager object and uses it to get heading by invoking -[CLLocationManager startUpdatingHeading]. It implements the CLLocationManagerDelegate APIs for receiving heading and updates its user interface accordingly.”
Source: http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#samplecode/Teslameter/Introduction/Intro.html

You can retrieve the raw magnetic field measurements along the X, Y and Z-axes by querying the
CLHeading object passed to the locationManager: didUpdateHeading: method.
– (void) locationManager:(CLLocationManager *) manager didUpdateHeading:(CLHeading *) heading {

double x = heading.x;
double y = heading.y;
double z = heading.z;

double magnitude = sqrt(x*x + y*y + z*z) ;

… code …
The values returned are normalized into a ±128 range, measured in microtesla (μT), representing the
offset from the magnetic field lines measured by the magnetometer.
Source: http://my.safaribooksonline.com/book/programming/iphone/9781449394004/chapter-6/measuring_a_magnetic_field

(As an aside, this data combined with a data logger and gps data would be nice to build 3D maps of the electromagnetic fields found in a specific area…)

Looking at methods of testing the application built in Xcode on iPhone:
1) Test on the computer using iPhone simulator (comes with iPhone SDK) – XCode compiles completely different object code for the iPhone simulator and for the iPhone. Only the device code for ARM CPUs can be used by iPhone).
2) Pay $99 to become Apple developer -apparently this can take from one week to one month…
3) Jail Break iPhone, create self certificate on computer and set Xcode to sign with the self certificate. Enable Xcode’s to build on jailbroken phone by setting iPhone

Looked at the Stanford University walkthrough to develop an iPhone calculator app:
1.Downloading and installing the iOS4 SDK.
2.Creating a new project in Xcode.
3.Defining a Model, View and Controller and connecting them together.
4.Using Interface Builder to create a user-interface.
Source: http://www.stanford.edu/class/cs193p/cgi-bin/drupal/downloads-2010-fall

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Researching into building an iOS iPhone application for the touch screen instrument final project. Ideally i’d like to be able to create my own user interface for touch screen, use the accelerometer data and data from the magnetometer. This would be built into the instrument being built. This would enable a custom user interface that suits the aesthetic of the instrument to be created and will allow the interface design to be streamlined with the overall instrument design. Currently available Osc iPhone apps do output touch information but do not output information form the magnetometer. Data output from the magnetometer would enable a magnetic pick/ electromagnetic source to act as an interface to the max patch.

Looked at XCode/SDK and Interfacebuilder and how to create a slider and use Interfacebuilder to create a slider and generate code.

iOS (Cocoa Touch, Media, Core Services, Core OS).

Core OS (OSX Kernal, Mach 3.0, BSD, Sockets, Security, Poer Management, Keychain Access, Certificates, File System, Bonjour)

Core Services (Collections, Address Book, Networking, File Access, SQLite, Core Location, Net Services, Threading, Preferences, URL Utillities)

Media (Core Audio, OpenAL, Audio Mixing, Audio Recording, Video Playback, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, Quartz (2D), Core Animation, OpenGL ES)

Cocoa Touch (Multi-Touch, Core Motion, View Hierarchy, Localization, Controls, Alerts, Web View, Map Kit, Image Picker, Camera)

MVC (Model , Controller, View)
MODEL – What Application Is (but not how it is displayed)
senses touch motion, accelerometer, magnetic fields, Sends this data in the form of Osc over a wireless network connection to be interfaced with MaxMSP

Controller – How model is presented to the user (UI Logic)

View – the controllers subordinates.



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Open Sound Control Compatible Wireless Control Application For MaxMSP

Touch Screen control for hybrid instrument test –  from Project Meeting with Atau Tanaka 02/03/11.

Integrating an iPhone touch screen application to control a MaxMSP pathc via Open Sound Control.

Instructions for set up:

On Laptop:
Create  a network named “remoke” etc.
Change mac IP address to
Change mac Subnet Mask to

On iPhone:

Choose the wifi network named “remoke”
Change “static” :
ip address 

In MaxMSP:
open “p remokon” by clicking on it when the patch is locked.
In “p message_interpreter” change “device ID” to 10

The iPhone will now control the Max patch. 



Remokon App

Remokon for OSC

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The Uncertainty Principle


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Something happening over time (technical)

Scope/range; sphere of influence

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

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The Arche-Fossil & Contingency

Reading an essay by Mike Watson entitled “Aristic Contingency Vs. Scientist Contingency or Meillassoux’s ‘Arche-Fossil’ as Readymade Artwork.”


Suggests negating the Arche-fossil (life s death blow) by reclaiming it as a conceptual readymade ( a la Duchamp) to create the possibility of there being meaning in a meaningless world.

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Savage Finger… Mopped up the blood and finished hammering in the frets.

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Blu-Ray Work Flow

I’d like to distribute a Blu-ray disc release containing some of the projects i’ve been working on. To do this i need to organise a workflow before starting. Draft workflow to edit digital film shot on the Canon 5D Mark II and then output to Blu Ray:

1) Convert H.264 files to 422ProRes using Compressor Droplet.

2) Edit in Final Cut.

3) Either export Boris XML file from FCP or QT reference files.

4) Add effects / Grade in After Effects.

Either Export from AE and reimport into Final Cut, then export with cross fades etc…

Or if using Boris XML files export directly from AE.

5) Convert in Compressor:

Apple…Formats…Mpeg2…Elementary Stream (under settings in batch window)

Stream Usage menu – choose Blu-ray option in the pop-up menu

Generic AC3 for Audio

5) Import into Adobe Encore (DVD Studio Pro can’t burn Blu-Ray discs). Create a disc image.

6) Use Toast to burn the disc image.


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Occulto Festival Performance

13/03/11 Occulto Festival, Ausland, Berlin. Performance with Martin Howse and Martin Kuentz.
Martin Howse and Martin Kuentz for organising the workshops.
Other workshop participants.
Alice Cannava for organising Occulto Festival.

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