Digital Brutalism – This Sunday at Culture Lab


Digital Brutalism Sunday 21/03/10

Digital Brutalism Sunday 21/03/10

Digital Brutalism
An evening of international noise – the NCL scene meets JP, A, GR, FR.

Sunday 21st March
Culture Lab

The Loudspeaker – Zbigniew Karkowski (JP), Ilios (GR), and Antoine Chessex (FR) on the final date of their tour that has taken them through Valencia, Copenhagen, Oslo, and London. Infrasound on Culture Lab’s EAW subwoofers.

Chessex has played w Chris Corsano, C. Spencer Yeh, Mattin, and others. ILIOS has played with Nikos Veliotis, and has had commissions from Resonance FM. Karkowski, from Sensorband, Hafler Trio, and the duo MAZK with Masami Akita (Merzbow).

Support from Bernhard Garnicnig from Vienna playing sellotape noises, 

and Black Sea of Trees (members of Bong, Jazz Finger and Mechanical Children).

£5, £3 comps, byob
Metro Haymarket
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Katie Paterson



6th–13th June 2007, Slade School of Fine Art

2 April – 1 June 2008, Modern Art Oxford, Encounters Katie Paterson >



An underwater microphone lead into Jökulsárlón lagoon – an outlet glacial lagoon of

Vatnajökull, filled with icebergs – connected to an amplifier, and a mobile-phone, which created a

live phone line to the glacier. The number +44(0)7757001122 could be called from any telephone

in the world, the listener put through to Vatnajökull. A white neon sign of the phone number hung

in the gallery space.ökull

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Topology of a Future City


Scrying Apparatus - GPS and RF / EM records onto memory chip

Scrying Apparatus - GPS and RF / EM records onto memory chip

RF / EM intensity
Over night location

Scrying info:

John Dee (13 July 1527–1608 or 1609) was a noted 
mathematicianastronomerastrologeroccultistnavigatorimperialist,[4] and consultant to QueenElizabeth I of England. He devoted much of his life to the study of alchemydivination, and Hermetic philosophy

Topology of a Future City (report in progress) Download PDF (9.8M)

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Post Office Help Menu

Post Office Helpline

Tone of female voice
Massive amounts of dialogue
Many Options
Many menus and layers
08457 22 33 44;jsessionid=30VXIC2BVKVEYFB2IGVUOSQUHRA0UQ2K?catId=20000202&mediaId=20000205

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