Continuum – at Newcastle Science Fest

Contiinum will be shown at Newcastle Science Fest at the following event:

Designer Bodies: After Dark – FREE!

Date: 18/03/2010
Time: 6 – 9pm
Location: Life Science Centre
Audiences: Adult

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Playing Kraak Festival 2010

Kraak Festival 2010 line up

Kraak Festival 2010 line up

Playing Kraak festival 2010 and  first on the poster too! Yoshi Wada a deep inspiration is also on the same line up – Amazing! – What an honour and a privilege!

Thanks to Lee from NoFi for organising the booking.

Kraak Festival link:

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Virtual / Actual

Dictionary defns –
VIRTUAL – (Physics) denoting particles or interactions with extremely short lifetimes & (owing to the uncertainty principle) indefinately great energies, postulated as intermediates in some processes.
(Computing) not physically existing as such but made by software to appear to do so.
Almost/Nearly as described but not completely or according to strict definition.

ACTUAL – existing in fact, typically contrasted with what was intended/expected/believed
– existing now; current

Deleuze seems to use the physics definition. His writing seems to apply to perception models from Physical Chemistry – electron clouds with various shells spinning around nuclei – the actual forming the nuclei and the virtual the electron clouds (some with a virtual cosmos surrounding them)

“The two aspects of time,
the actual image of the present which passes and the virtual image of the past which is preserved, are distinguishable during
actualization although they have unassignable limits, but exchange during crystallization to the extent that they become indiscernible,
each relating to the role of the other”
Gilles Deleuze, ‘The Actual and The Virtual’, Dialogues II (London: Continuum, 2006).

A man on a television programme (
has no short term memory, it is as if he is constantly waking from a coma – he lives only in the now… he wont be able to discern these two aspects of time for him he is exclusively experiencing the actual – a disorientating experience when divorced from the virtual…

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Continuum – Session



Continuing the Continuum project. Nick Able and myself have spend 3 sessions working on the audio to create rough sketches.
Paul attended this session and is planning a film shoot for next week.
The project will be presented during Science Fest, in the Planetarium at the Centre For Life.

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Continuum – Recording at Newburn Surgery

[imagebrowser id=3 w=320 h=240 float=]

Paul Grimmer, Nick Able and myself took up residence in Newburn Surgery for a day to gather sounds created by the body using their medical equipment. Working with microphones and with direct recordings made by the ultrasound doppler machine.

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Continuum Progress

A single audio surface folded an infinite number of intricate ways to create different folds and sonic forms.
Creating sketches for continuum
Culture Lab Live Room – 22nd December 2009
Setting up the motu with drivers to record into Ableton – it works well!
Using a Neumann TLM193 to record an acoustic guitar (Simon & Patrick) – new strings – bliss!

guitar tuned DADFAD (D minor open tuning)

Use simple 3 note phrases and repeat lazily with variation

Track 1 – G♯/A E F♯ (can hear guitar neck creaking) – mic is really sensitive
Track 2 – B♭ C D finger picked
Track 3 – String rattles
Track4 – G♯/A E F♯ picked creates feedback
Track5 – G♯/A E F♯ with slide
Track 6 – G♯/A E F♯ slide
Track 7 – G♯/A E F♯ slide
Track 8 – harmonics
Track 9 – G♯/A E F♯crackle
Track 10 G♯/A E F♯ – with reverb
Track 11 no effects, gain turned down
A E F♯ with slide sounds clearer
Track 12 B♭ C D – upward rise
Track 13 G♯/A(6th frt 6th string) E(2nd fret, second string) A (4th fret, 5th string)

No hiss which is amazing!

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