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Arto Trumped

So at the start of semester 1 we were asked in groups of 4 to identify our individual practices and create 4 separate works by exchanging our practices with the others in the group. In essence in my mind to become familiar with the unfamiliar.

During my undergraduate I started to work with design fiction. As part of a project I designed a card game based on a concept from the Situation Lab called ‘A Thing From The Future’. The scenario generating game uses extrapolation theory to conjure up fictional objects for the future, whilst the game I designed, ‘Future Fictions’ is tailored toward future sport and physical endeavour.

My task for the other 3 asked to describe a near future scenario using the cards they picked and create an artefact that contextualises that future in some way our gives insight into a day in the life of an individual, society or culture from that fictional future.

This stemmed from an interest in objects and the way they can reveal the collective conscience of a society or the evolution of a culture.

F F Card group 4

Jade’s task was concerned with artistic process. It began with Jade presenting me with piece of her work which I was tasked with responding to. The idea was to the pass whatever I created on to the next person so they could respond to my work, leaving out Jade’s original and so on until the circle was complete…a kind of art based Chinese whispers.

Jade handed over her work (image below) with no description leaving me to decipher it and draw inspiration from my understanding of it alone.

Jade Cards

The aim was to work quickly so I wrote down a few observations and decided to create an image from the list.

Her work drew me to thoughts of restriction, constriction, bondage and sadism…

The image was then passed on to Garry to respond to.

bondage list

CAP Group 4

Ben task involved making a piece of music around a minute long using a range of simple samples and Garageband. Any tempo, any style and not all samples had to be used.

I had never used Garageband and I had no experience with creating music so I was excited about this task! The program performed a little like some film editing software I had used before so I applied what I knew there.

In real life, I am generally attracted to dark, drone-y, heavy, big bassy but ethereal sounds…doom sounds I call em…so I used that as the basis of my creation by starting with the bass samples.

I have a slight fixation with lining everything up so when it came to putting to track together, in my complete lack of music production knowledge I couldn’t help just stacking things together so they looked really neat…soon realising that that didn’t make for a very interesting sound so I had to break that habit and offset things a bit.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 18.55.17

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 01.31.53

The outcome sounds like this >>>

Garry was interested in swapping photography as his practice so he passed around his Nishika N8000 3D camera which uses 4 lenses to take a shot from 4 slightly different angles and when layered produce 3D gifs (see above) which Garry created with the images we took.


I am interested in storytelling through imagery and the day I planned on taking the photo was the eve of American presidential election so I used this as a starting point.

The goal was to create a speculative story of a day in the life of Trump’s future dictatorship…polluted water, deformed food. I also mocked up a cereal box, keeping Kim Jong Un style propaganda in mind to show a world where Trump is consumed on every level.

Trumps Breakfast

In presenting the work we decided to put together an exhibition reserving any explanations allowing the viewers to interpret the process themselves. Making use of a modular shelving unit in the studio that conveniently had 16 compartments to display 16 pieces of work.

The initial unveiling of work was planned to take place in the seminar room, we set our work up upstairs in the Space 8 studio in order remove the viewer from the predetermined space and in the hope of increasing anticipation on the the journey to the work.

We let the viewers guide themselves around, purposefully putting screens showing short films in awkward places close to the ground to order to have viewers more actively observing the work.

14937219_1133649113398001_7327977862124183221_n 14947393_10211160655476534_1522548095338316065_n 14993435_10211160654716515_4395696998649654350_n

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