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I’ve Made It So here it is, I have a website. I’ve put together a blog for my alter egos art-work, somewhere to catalogue AAZZBB’s poignant, thought provoking, engaging work. A place to display my art to prospective buyers and attract more Post Truth … Continue reading

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Object Of Distraction

Initially I intended on exhibiting the tat I have been creating of the course of the project. Mainly as a means to distract and confuse you about what the project is really about whilst I talk my way through it. … Continue reading

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The Manifesto – Explained

The points in the manifesto correlate directly with my understandings of post-truth from the research and rooting around I did at the beginning of the project. Here is a little breakdown of each point- no. 1 – Post Truth art … Continue reading

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The Manifesto – Layout

  One thing that must been mentioned is that I used 4 fonts!! Normally I live by the rule of never more than 3 fonts in a document. The f**king rule book has gone out the window!! Essentially there is … Continue reading

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I’ve been having doubts. I have told myself that I must have the utmost conviction in the project and just carry it on regardless but every now and the facade slips and I start having doubts about whether this project … Continue reading

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Validate Me


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One of my collections of Post Truth art entitled Void consist of randomly selecting people from the street, deleting them and sending them to an abyss where I never have to see them again!! So I popped out on a … Continue reading

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Who Am I.

In the response to an earlier post about investigating post-truth as a person I decided to have a go at creating some alter egos to perhaps figure out who I am as this new Post Truth artist, I’m interested in … Continue reading

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If You Shout It Loud Enough

If I shout loud enough will I be an artist?? I decided to take my ‘art’ to the streets as an attempt to self-validate my statement. I AM AN ARTIST and I want the world to know. In keeping with … Continue reading

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Mad As Hell

Watched Network during the time of putting the project together. A satirical black comedy from 1976 about a deranged news presenter who exposes television journalism as a sensationalist wasteland where entertainment value and short-term ratings were more crucial than quality. Amazing … Continue reading

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