HSS8120 Art manifesto attempt #1



Inspired by Diebenkorn’s “Notes to myself on beginning a painting“, I’m attempting to explain to myself how I start anything in general. These are ten points of artistic intentions and my own sort of wisdom. I’m hoping this will deepen further my understanding of my way of working and maybe alter my perception of my work ethic.

  1. First, do nothing. Let the mind wonder, ponder and contemplate.
  2. Read, watch, listen to different subjects and unrelated ideas. Sometime the source of inspiration comes from a completely different sphere of knowledge or interest.
  3. Do not be afraid to change or alter your initial idea completely if you must. Do not be complacent in your thinking. Clarity is key.
  4. Attack each task, even the boring ones, with cheerful readiness.
  5. Do not be delusional, focus on what you can do, accordingly plan what you’re going to do first.
  6. Stop planning, start making.
  7. Make mistakes, keep making mistakes. Mistakes are a good way to learn. As long as you lear from them.
  8. Control is just an illusion. Relenquish it, do what you can do and tolerate that things might go wrong.
  9. Be bold and adventurous, but be careful and conservative at the same time.
  10. You are your own centre. You are god personified in the material realm. Your creation is god’s creation, the expression of the human soul. The cosmos personified. Trust in your own way.


Mevars Raen

HSS8120 Documentation or the art of writing stuff down and keeping track of things





Documentation has always felt like a chore to me. I either forget or not do it at all. To me it just doesn’t feel right for some reason. Is it laziness? Is it an unwillingness to have my thoughts explored? Is it justp lain bad practice? Am I afraid of my weaknesses? Am I still afraid or frustrated by my own mistakes? Or am I just an idiot who doesn’t know how to organise himself? Probably all of that.

During my undergrad I seldom took notes in class. Whenever I did I ended up with unintelligible information from different subjects spread acccross loose pieces of paper in my bag, never to be looked at again. usually they ended up in the bin.

That changed, over the last two years. Working as a “charity mugger”, before going onto the “field”, it was important to be ready. Memorising your pitch, practicing, making notes of any information given to you by senior staff and by clients, which could be useful at any time and was key to go up in the professional ladder. Clarity was key, to deliver a perfect pitch and sell. My note making process became quite extensive thoughout that period and when I left the company I worked for I realised that habit of making notes had stayed and started to spill over into my other practices.

For music, I always make sure to record sounds, noises and rehearsal sessions with my band,  because you never know what you might get inspired by. I properly file and name audio tracks, grouping them together by dates and obviously back them up onto external hard drives and dropbox.

I have a similar process for photography and video, where I film or take pictures of whatever looks nice or intrigues me. Most of the time they end up just clogging up the space on my phone or some hard-drive. Every so often I’ll use an old photo of some dead pigeon from back in 2008 or some weird angled photo of a door in one of my projects and I’m always gald that I keep those.

Actually would that be more archiving?

It’s interesting because I say that I find documentation to be a chore when I essentially do that on a daily basis without even thinking anymore. If I have an idea I write it down, if lyrics comes to mind I write them down, if I need to do something I write it down. I actually really like writing stuff down.

With social media for example we have a sort of documentation of our lives, interests and opinions since the creation of our pages. Facebook offers a timeline of what you’ve posted from the beginning of your page creation to now offering a good opportunity for introspection and shame…

Obviously social media is not a complete reflection of who is behind the screen, It is rather easy to customise your page to look and feel and come across whichever way you would like to. People have been doing it for years but personally I like to share my thoughts on there and every so often I like to go back to the beginning and see how my thoughts and opinions progressed over the years. It gives me time to ponder.

Over the years I also took part in blog writting, still keeping one right now for my photos and videos. I might start adding some lyrics and poetry on there actually. Anyway the thing I enjoyed the most was being able to express myself on a platform that was mine to customize and share with the world. I created my first blog when I was 16, writting whatever the hell was going through my mind. I found that blog a few monts ago, safe to say it was deleted swiftly.

In my first year of university, I remember that as part of one of our modules, we were asked to keep a record of our progresses for the building of a remote controled car. At first we were lazy about it, writting the bare minimum. Eventually we came to realise how crucial it was to keep track of the difficlties we encountered on the way and how we dealt with them. This not only gave us an idea of what we’d been doign since the start but made it easier for our teacher to gauge our thought process for the task and  how we dealt with problems that arose.

However even though documentation is useful and gives you a clear view of your progress, if the documentation is not regularly carried out then you get a blurry picture of what’s happened. Making it harder to deal with issues if you can’t remember how you dealt with them originally.

I think there’s different ways to document your work. Some will feel mroe familiar and comfortable and others a bit more challenging and out of our comfot zone.

After writing this entry however, I’m actually looking forward to this ongoing documentation of my work. It’s already giving me ideas for another project of mine.

It is not only going to be good practice to do this but it will also give me the opportunity to understand myself in a different way and offer some vision and clarity concerning my work ethic.

From what inspires me, to how I get inspired, to how I work and even how to use that as part of my work, I’m keen to see how documentation will affect me.

Clarity is power, purpose is drive.

Ares Rabe

Mars Raven

Rars Maven

Revars Maen

Mevars Raen

I like that, Mevars Raen. Boom! New nom de plume.

Hello world!


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I am the man of no man’s land

From sunny shores I come forth

Congo is where my existence commence

Under the palm trees born

Unfamiliar is my appearance

They called me exotic

Black sun born under the tropics

Invisible city of no pain and no worries

Pointe Noire is the name of my city

Hakuna Ma Tata

Mais quelle phrase magnifique

For a time it felt like the Abyss

Falling in a dreamless pit

Performing an endless dance

Survival between two lands

Not accepted here or there

I have no home anywhere

My skin colour is a mantle

It makes my own people lose their mental

Always asking me “Where are you from?”

Grasped by hesitation I struggle

Just for a second

But then I respond

“I come from Kingdom Come,

Blessed by the stars and the sun

I am the King to come”

And they respond with

“Blasphemy, you will pay for this travesty

The old man in the sky will strike you down

How dare you elevate yourself to the status of a king?”

I confidently respond “Your pagan god do not scare me.

Your way is the way of the slave and the weak.

Subjecting yourself to the bribery,

you bargain for your life and the afterlife.

Weak minded you’re incapable of loving someone that doesn’t see like you or think like you.

Your god will never strike me down, for I am god personified.

The power of creation is mine, given to me by the only true god of this life. “

How is knowledge trustworthy

When you live in complete anarchy

Fantasy life has turned to D&D

Roll of Dice but there’s no D 20

Your throat is sliced

You bleeding out

Deaf to the suffering of others you will pay the price

Gold is the resource that control your life

High is the sleazy and down is the mighty

Unable to enjoy the pleasures of life your mind will become hazy

Sleep is the next step of evolution

Sleep is the machine of creation

Dreams are life’s colourful manifestation

Through the mind’s musical vibration

M. R.