HSS8120 Documentation


It’s 9:42pm I’m eating a chocolate chip brioche. Working on the last songs and videos, I’m worried, perplexed. Will this be good enough? Will I be able to portray my vision? As we close in on the hand-in date I feel anxious but creative. more ideas come in as I polish the last details. I want to finish this. I have to finish this.

During the Christmas holidays when I told my mother about the post-truth assignment and my worries she said “It sounds like you’ve got quite a lot on your plate. My advise to you is make sue you write all your ideas down.”

My Diary helps me keep track of my thoughts. My mind is hyperactive, I write something down, I stop for a second and at that moment my train of thought is gone. Words. Words. Words.  My writing is frantic, looking for what will transmit, it’s unreadable like hieroglyphs. Well you can read some of it.

Here I’ll show you:


20170120_052112 20170120_052042 20170120_052203 Diary4 Diary3


Doing this has helped me in my creative process. Even just writing a word down sparked new ideas and inspiration.  Taking me in a completely different direction to my original thoughts. Visualising my thoughts helps generate ideas and with it a better better understanding of my creativity and my work process.