HSS8120 Echo chamber


Listening to some hip-hop jazz on Youtube I was inspired to write this song. A cross between hip-hop Jazz and electro Echo Chamber was inspired by the coming of age of post truth. Truthiness.


After looking at the madness of the world, insanity

The expression of a reverb melody,

I deliver this piece, this segment of me

A bass symphony echoing ever so slightly

Into the ears of my frenemies, classic music

Long lasting peace is full of tricks, getting lazy

Politicians and scientists are violently 

hated as much as catholic terrorists

In a world ruled by false promises and post-truth politics

Like the water lily on the surface of the lake

Peace and tranquility brings stagnation to our race


Blinded by the new light,

I bid you farewell and goodnight


But I say fire and blood will outrage, enrage the nation

Will Chaos and murder spark the next evolution

Existence is just a phase, just a game

Insert a coin, same face on a different surface

Truths or lies they usually feel the same way

No matter who plays it always end up the same way

High stakes, never played before? Doesn’t matter

One false step and it’s all over game over,

Placing bets on the new false prophets coming forth,

Lying about anything like never before,


Blinded by the new light,

I bid you farewell and goodnight


Believe their lies and you suffer the risk to trigger

An insidious disease for the mind, Bullshitter

But you gotta believe in your power to deliver

Rhymes raging like fire, flowing like water

Under the sun, who is the father, I am the son

Looking under the veil of the rising sun


Blinded by the new light,

I bid you farewell and goodnight.


M. R.