HSS8120 Art manifesto attempt #1



Inspired by Diebenkorn’s “Notes to myself on beginning a painting“, I’m attempting to explain to myself how I start anything in general. These are ten points of artistic intentions and my own sort of wisdom. I’m hoping this will deepen further my understanding of my way of working and maybe alter my perception of my work ethic.

  1. First, do nothing. Let the mind wonder, ponder and contemplate.
  2. Read, watch, listen to different subjects and unrelated ideas. Sometime the source of inspiration comes from a completely different sphere of knowledge or interest.
  3. Do not be afraid to change or alter your initial idea completely if you must. Do not be complacent in your thinking. Clarity is key.
  4. Attack each task, even the boring ones, with cheerful readiness.
  5. Do not be delusional, focus on what you can do, accordingly plan what you’re going to do first.
  6. Stop planning, start making.
  7. Make mistakes, keep making mistakes. Mistakes are a good way to learn. As long as you lear from them.
  8. Control is just an illusion. Relenquish it, do what you can do and tolerate that things might go wrong.
  9. Be bold and adventurous, but be careful and conservative at the same time.
  10. You are your own centre. You are god personified in the material realm. Your creation is god’s creation, the expression of the human soul. The cosmos personified. Trust in your own way.


Mevars Raen