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HSS8121: tfw brainstorming

tfw Brainstorming

A couple of weeks back in term time, we were all in the seminar room brainstorming about what we might do for the Seven Stories commission opportunity- Seven Stories being the ‘National Centre for Children’s Literacy’, and the opportunity being Newcastle’s Late Shows; a night when a range of the artistic venues around the town open their doors to the public late at night for a special programme.

We were shamelessly asked to blog about this experience, as we’re obviously not pulling our weight! But as such, here I am..

I suppose the more menial aspects of my experience is where I will start- I quite enjoyed the act of brainstorming how we did in that group. It was a fun creative space to participate in, and the lack of real constraint was liberating in much the same sense that I have found the ethos of MUS8161: Free Music Practice. I found it interesting to observe how my own ideas were bounced around by others, and how this led to inspiration I never could have achieved purely by myself. This reminded me of a really useful video I stumbled across the other night aimed at aspiring artists- in particular I’m referring to point #6, about how excellent work can be constructed by consistently seeking external opinion and integrating it in the process.

The process also got me thinking about something we were talking about a while back in relation to reflecting on the features of one’s own practice (or annotated portfolio). the act of brainstorming made me consider my own role in group, and thus what I might have to offer to the dialogue. In order to do this I really had to be objective about my previous interests and abilities; which of course is a massively important exercise when trying to develop one’s own original aesthetic.

I also daydreamed a bit.. {pic related}

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