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MUS8161: Thank You, Free Music Practice

Morning Smoke

I cannot express how much I’m enjoying getting stuck into the Free Music Practice module. We’re building on some of the ideas I was toying with in HSS8120- like my ‘considered un-consideration’ theory. I’ve found the sessions and seminars really very inspiring, and in the process of completing┬ámy portfolio submission I think I’m creating some interesting work [pictures, writing and music].

It comes as a ‘discovery‘ for me; I haven’t grown up surrounded by these ideals of art, I have had my own experience with it’s own implications- and as such, the act of creating with the specific intent of ignoring perceived limitations has been a real liberation in a sense, and an eye-opener in another. It’s like disregarding the rules has made me more aware of all the things I was imposing upon myself without even realising.

essay cap

Pictured above, is an essay I’m currently writing for the module. I’m approaching this in the spirit of the rest of the work; in this case, I’m writing it in smalls chunks (as much or as little as I want), when/wherever I feel like it, before censoring it over so I can’t see what I’ve just written. I’m fairly certain this will produce some sporadic results, I just hope it makes sense enough to be good- although, maybe I don’t?


In other news, below is an edit of a session with ‘Lemon Knxledge,’ an improvising band that we’ve started in perfect timing for this module. I think we’re going to do a performance at the start of next month courtesy of a gig that Ares is organising? Sunday 2nd April, upstairs in the evening at Bar Loco.

Vocals – Alexei Crawley

Synths – Ben Woolsey

Guitar – Garry Lydon

Drums – Jonah Scholfield-Lott



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