HSS8120: Nearly

Everyday this week I have fallen asleep to a video of Bob Ross painting. I’m taking it as a sign of stress. I have an aching back which has come on suddenly after a trip to Grainger Market earlier today as well, which is helping nothing. For some reason, I’m experiencing a lot of self-doubt in […]

HSS8120: So Far

I cannot wait to return to Newcastle. I have literally been counting down the hours for the last three days now (aprox. 65hrs until I’m back in my freezing subterranean domain!). Work is going okay; my manifesto is finished, complete with needless cover art [above], and my writing for the project side of things is well underway- the […]

HSS8120: Post-Truth then?

As I sat there watching Bear Grylls: The Island USA, stomach unpleasantly full of  Cadbury Wispa bars and our disgusting vinegary homebrew, I realised several moons had passed since having my first ideas and I hadn’t committed any of them to writing. Fairly typical of myself, unfortunately. I’ve noticed a feeling within me, as many people […]

Documenting ‘something beautiful’

Donald Trump had just been elected president. I explain that in the hysteria of it all I have managed to leave my work at home, and so the impact of my piece may be somewhat diminished. I had planned to surprise Sarah with a URL-containing post-it note, where I had assumed she was expecting a […]